Youth in Schools (K-12)

  • Standard program:
    • 20-minute classes, twice a week, for eight weeks
    • Leverage Mindful Schools curriculum
  • Program includes:
    • 16 lessons such as:
      • Mindful test taking
      • Mindful breathing
      • Mindfulness of emotions (emotional awareness)
      • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness workbooks for each student (K-5 grades only)
  • One parent meeting
  • One teacher meeting
  • A mindfulness bell for each classroom
  • Customized programs available based on budget/needs

Proven Results

  • Improved cognitive outcomes
    • Attention and focus
    • Grades
  • Social Emotional Skills
    • Emotion regulation
    • Behavior in school
    • Empathy and perspective taking
    • Social skills
  • Well Being
    • Less test anxiety
    • Reduced stress
    • Helps combat depression
    • Better manage post-traumatic symptoms


  • Professional development/Instruct teachers on how to include mindfulness in their classes
  • Self help tools; providing ways to manage stress

Curriculum for Schools

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“I learned in mindfulness class that when you get mad, breathe in and breathe out.”  3rd Grader