Who We Are

I started Notice More, Stress Less to help youth and adults notice (and thus better understand) how the mind and body work together. We do this through the practice of mindfulness. By paying attention to what is happening now – with deep kindness toward our self and others – we have the ability to:

  • Find peace when we need it
  • Respond rather than react
  • Trust our own experience

Our programs bring awareness to what’s happening in your body and how these experiences affect your mind, creating the ability to self regulate. Noticing requires practice, a training of the mind. 

So, we try to feel…

Our feet on the ground

The breath in the belly (or the chest, or the nose)

Our hands on our lap

We try to listen…

To the sounds around us

To our hearts beating

To our breath through the nose

 We try to notice…

A breathtaking sunset

A beautiful flower

The smile of a loved one

My credentials are below but showcase just part of what makes me, me. I'm also a mother and a wife, love reading and cats, and rejoice in being outdoors. Over the past 10+ years, mindfulness has provided ways for me to work with my mind and body that has reduced my anxiety and suffering. And, I still use these practices daily. My hope is that you, your students, or your family experience this too.


Melissa Berg-Baker


  • Other Mindful Schools Courses Completed
    • Mindfulness Fundamentals
    • Mindful Educator Essentials
    • Mindful Communication
    • Mindful Parenting

  • Numerous mindfulness retreats/workshops since 2008

  • Personal Mindfulness Practice - more than 10 years